Attachments for MOBILRAM-System

Vibrator MRZV-VV

The vibrators MRZV-VV feature variable static moment as well as variable hydraulic displacement. The MRZV-VV vibrators can be adapted to the site conditions in such a way that different tasks with only one vibrator are realizable. The power offered by the machine can be completely used.


Vibrator MRZV-V

Variable vibrator with adjustable static moment for piling and extracting. Resonances are reduced to a minimum by adjustment of the eccentric weights when driving through natural frequencies of the soils.

Vibrator MRZV-S

Vibrator MRZV-S is a classical one under the vibrators. The efficient and rugged vibrators are known as "experts" for piling of full displacement piles beside the classical pile driving jobs.

Auger Drive MDBA

The auger drive MDBA is suitable for nearly all kinds of drilling works e.g. ground release drilling, foundation piles and well drilling. Equipped with a concrete passage also suited for installation of CFA piles, part and full displacement piles.

Double Auger Head System VDW

Using the double auger head systerm VDW single piles, secant pile walls and contiguous pile walls can be installed. In most cases a secant pile wall serves as foundation for the building. Typical areas of application are underground parking, rain water retention basins and so on.

Auger Drive TMBA

The multiple auger drive TMBA was developed particularly for soil mixing applications. With two respectively three parallel running auger drives one element consisting of two or three overlapping piles is mixed simultaneously.


For static pressing of steel sheet piles on construction sites where noise and vibration emissions have to be reduced to a minimum.

Impact Hammers

Besides typical ABI attachments also impact hammers, e.g. DELMAG diesel hammer can be operated on the MOBILRAM-System.