Excavator Mounted Attachments

Vibrator HVR

For smaller projects ABI offers attachments for hydraulic excavators. The add-on vibrator HVR is installed at the dipper stick boom of a hydraulic excavator and driven by its hydraulic system.

Apart from characteristics like very short starting and stopping times, high revolutions, small noise level as well as low weight and high centrifugal forces, the HVR is characterised by a low design height. This advantage appears particularly in buildings, under bridges or power lines. Little usable length is lost due to its small design height. The add-on vibrator is used for piling and extracting sheet piles, trench sheet piles, steel beams and girders, pipes and casings and full displacement sections.

Auger Drives BA

The auger drive BA can be operated on common hydraulic excavators. Together with casing twister cased drilled shaft installation is possible.

The auger drive can be applied for ground release drilling, ground investigation, soldier pile installation, displacement augering, injection and soil improvement for foundations.

Casing Twister

The casing twister is an add-on for auger drives for cased drilling. They can be used for excavator mounted as well as for leader mast guided auger drives.

With the casing twister cased drillings with a pipe diameter up to 820 mm can be installed. Among the largest advantages are simple handling and very short set-up times. The casing twister is proven in the production of foundations for noise protection walls.